Tour Roller Hockey Skate Pro Code 1


The Tour Code 1 Roller with adjustable tongue. The Tour Hockey Skates is the premier model. It debuts exciting features such as an adjustable tongue that has felt running to the end of the tool box, a new flexible tendon guard and even better durability than ever before with Vibram wear pads.
The A.R.C. Tongue, which stands for Anti-Lace Bite, Removable Tongue & Custom Fit Toe Box, securely fastens to the toe box with a heavy duty velcro strap. This allows players to change the tongue’s height and Side-to-Side positioning for a truly custom fit. Tour also extended the tongue’s felt all the way to the end of toe box, thus reducing negative space for better energy transfer and more comfort. The Knetik Tendon Guard gives players full range of motion unlike traditionally stiff tendon guards that inhibit a player’s stride. The new lightweight Vorrac Stabilizer surlyn quarter package not only looks stellar with the combination of colors and carbon fiber but offers pro-level performance and comfort too. It is fully thermoformable which drastically reduces break-in time and gives players a truly personalized fit.

Full carbon fiber outsole with DPS Technology
DPS Technology allows the first two wheels to recess into the outsole
DPS enables Tour to use larger wheels on the front, optimizing speed and power while keeping the player’s center of gravity as low as possible for ultimate stability. game

Tongue Construction:
– A.R.C. two-piece, white felt tongue that extends into the end of the toe box
– Felt that sits on top of the toes removes negative space for enhanced energy transfer and comfort
– Velcro adjustment strap allows players to change the height and Side-to-Side placement of the tongue, whether it be for more flop or less overall height
– Traditional foam and felt thickness with an injected lace-bite guard provides pro-level protection and comfort

– AccuAire H600 quilted liner
– Comfortable, moisture wicking microfiber and nylon; providing good heel lock and comfort throughout the entirety of the game

Quarter Package:
– Lightweight Vorrac Surlyn boot construction
– Advanced thermo-layer composition provides ample support, stiffness
– Heat moldable
– Vibram Wear patches
– Italian material popular in heavy duty boot soles provide this Tour Skate with top-tier durability from wear and tear
– In-Step Honeycomb Cooling System
– Breathable vents promote airflow for more comfort and drier feet
– Knetik Flexible Tendon Guard
– Unlike traditionally stiff tendon guards that inhibit full stride extension, this Tour – Kinetic tendon allows for maximum range of motion to better squeeze every ounce of power out of each stride Comfort – Padding at the top of the quarter package to reduce high ankle abrasion for premium comfort

– Full carbon fiber outsole with DPS Technology

– Labeda Humer Eviction PRO 2 Magnesium
Aluminum Hybrid

– 4x 80mm Wheels
– Labeda Addiction Orange Grip

– Bevo Swiss Platinum Race Rated (chrome)

– ca. 1335 Gramm